Solved: Is there any possible way to retreive data from firestore and display inside a Text Widget?


Asked by Shehan L on December 22, 2021 (source).

I want to retrieve data from firebase firestore and display it inside a Text widget in flutter. So once the User logs into the application, the user can see his name right there (which is retrieved from firebase firestore). I have linked the firebase User_ID as my document id in firebase firestore.

The data which is retrieved from firebase firestore must be displayed in the Text Widget at all times (I want to retrieve the name from a document from firebase firestore and display it to ther user in the Text Widget).

How can i do this?


Question answered by luishromero (source).

You need to sit down and read the documentation of flutter fire, which is complete and well explained You can start here and if you want videos, there is a good resource here.