iOS Simulator scrolls too fast on Apple M1


Asked by Jacobo K on December 28, 2020 (source).

I'm running a flutter project and when dragging any list or scroll view on the simulator, it scrolls with way too much force rendering almost impossible to get to the row I need.

This only happens in the simulator, and it seems to work fine on a real device. Also, this problem started when I had migrated to an Apple M1 MacBook Pro.

Drag is minimal

Any ideas?


Question answered by valvoline (source).

I experienced a similar issue but the problem, in my case, is not related to speed but something different.

Specifically, if you force your iOS Simulator to run under Rosetta you'll see that it works as expected. Not sure why, but this is what I'm experiencing. Always reproducible with 1.22.5 (stable).

To run in Rosetta, right click on Xcode and choose "Show Package Contents", from there you navigate to "Contents > Developer > Applications," There you'll find the Simulator app. If you right click on it and choose "Show info", you'll find an option to run it using Rosetta.

Update 14/9/2021: Xcode 12.5.1 no longer needs the above workaround. Scrolling is working fine out-of-the-box.