[Solved] combine freezed & hive


Asked by DennisSzymanski on February 24, 2020 (source).

I'm searching for a solution to combine freezed and hive packages. For example like that:

abstract class Person extends HiveObject with _$Person {
  @HiveType(typeId: 0)
  factory Person({@HiveField(0) String name, @HiveField(1) int age}) = _Person;

I know that this is not possible out of the box, but I think you know what I want to achieve. What would be the best way to implement freezed with hive?

The only solution that I can currently think of is to store the json-String which is generated by freezed in hive. But I hope there is a better solution.


Question answered by mohammad (source).

yes, it is now possible, make sure your min version is hive_generator: ^0.7.2+1.

as an example you could write:

import 'package:freezed_annotation/freezed_annotation.dart';
import 'package:hive/hive.dart';

part 'immutable_class.freezed.dart';
part 'immutable_class.g.dart';

abstract class ImmutableClass with _$ImmutableClass {
  @HiveType(typeId: 5, adapterName: 'ImmutableClassAdapter')
  const factory ImmutableClass({
    @JsonKey(name: 'id', required: true, disallowNullValue: true) @HiveField(0) int id,
    @HiveField(1) int someField1,
    @HiveField(2) String someField2,
  }) = _ImmutableClass;

  factory ImmutableClass.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) => _$ImmutableClassFromJson(json);

the only disadvantage is that you should specify the name of your adaptor.