No 'Remove Widget' option for flutter with Android Studio in Windows 10


Asked by VipiN N on September 12, 2019 (source).

Widget options (Alt+Enter) are quite helpful in Flutter Development with Android Studio. It helps us to Move, Wrap, Add, Remove or Swap Widgets automatically, basically makes our life easy.

Issue : In my IDE the 'Remove widget' option is missing. Check the image below for reference. With my fresh installation of Android Studio in two different computers, the option was never there since the beginning. I'm sure I never played or messed related configurations.

I know its not a big deal, but I'd love to have remove option as I play a lot with Widgets around and removing sometimes a pain.

Is there anything in configuration that I need to enable?

Android Studio : v3.5

enter image description here


Question answered by Maruf H (source).

The name has been changed from Remove Widget to Replace widget with its children but does the same thing.

UPDATE: Flutter has turned it back to Remove Widget.