How to solve: Vertical viewport was given unbounded height


Asked by pallav b on May 09, 2018 (source).

This is my code:

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return new Material(
      color: Colors.deepPurpleAccent,
      child: new Column(
          children:<Widget>[new GridView.count(crossAxisCount: _column,children: new List.generate(_row*_column, (index) {
            return new Center(
                child: new CellWidget()

Exception as follows:

I/flutter ( 9925): ══╡ EXCEPTION CAUGHT BY RENDERING LIBRARY ╞═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
I/flutter ( 9925): The following assertion was thrown during performResize():
I/flutter ( 9925): Vertical viewport was given unbounded height.
I/flutter ( 9925): Viewports expand in the scrolling direction to fill their container.In this case, a vertical
I/flutter ( 9925): viewport was given an unlimited amount of vertical space in which to expand. This situation
I/flutter ( 9925): typically happens when a scrollable widget is nested inside another scrollable widget.
I/flutter ( 9925): If this widget is always nested in a scrollable widget there is no need to use a viewport because
I/flutter ( 9925): there will always be enough vertical space for the children. In this case, consider using a Column
I/flutter ( 9925): instead. Otherwise, consider using the "shrinkWrap" property (or a ShrinkWrappingViewport) to size
I/flutter ( 9925): the height of the viewport to the sum of the heights of its children.
I/flutter ( 9925): 
I/flutter ( 9925): When the exception was thrown, this was the stack:
I/flutter ( 9925): #0      RenderViewport.performResize.<anonymous closure> (package:flutter/src/rendering/viewport.dart:827:15)
I/flutter ( 9925): #1      RenderViewport.performResize (package:flutter/src/rendering/viewport.dart:880:6)
I/flutter ( 9925): #2      RenderObject.layout (package:flutter/src/rendering/object.dart:1555:9)


Question answered by BloodLoss (source).

Adding this two lines

    scrollDirection: Axis.vertical,
    shrinkWrap: true,