Solved: Flutter - How to hide/remove title of BottomNavigationBarItem


Asked by Kingsley K on September 05, 2018 (source).

so i have this flutter app, and i'm trying to hide or remove the title. I tried leaving the title as an empty string i.e. new Text("") but that messed with the alignment of the navbar.

Desired Outcome:

Hers's what i want to acheive

What i'm getting (if i leave the title as empty string):

enter image description here:


Question answered by Daniil Y (source).

There are two workarounds for this problem, as this feature is not yet implemented.

  1. Pass Container(height: 0.0) instead of Text("")
  2. Create widget and use it instead of Flutter's bottom navigation. Source.


Just add this to your BottomNavigationBar

showSelectedLabels: false,
showUnselectedLabels: false,