[Solved] Flutter: Could not find the built application bundle at build/ios/iphonesimulator/Runner.app


Asked by Cuiboy on September 17, 2019 (source).

I am trying to run my application in debug mode from VSCode. However, every time, regardless if I am running on a simulator or a real device, the debug console outputs

Could not find the built application bundle at build/ios/iphonesimulator/Runner.app.


Could not find the built application bundle at build/ios/iphoneos/Runner.app.

When I went to the specified directory, my app bundle is being built every time but instead of being named Runner.app it is named MyAppName.app. I suspect the difference in name is causing the VSCode compiler to not being able to locate Runner.app.

My question: How do I change my build settings so that the build bundle is named Runner.app again?


Question answered by M.Bilal M (source).

You might have updated the Display Name from Runner to your app name

Just open your project in Xcode and Put "Runner" back in Display Name if you want to change the application name please go into info.plist and change bundle name from there.

Check this image

Note: Changing this will not effect your app’s display name.