[Solved] flutter doctor doesn't work on neither Command Prompt or PowerShell window?


Asked by maaoui k on April 02, 2018 (source).

flutter doctor doesn't work on either Command Prompt or PowerShell window? I have been trying to install flutter on windows. I have cloned the Flutter SDK as mentioned in the tutorial. I have added git and the flutter to my path. But still when I try to run the flutter doctor the command prompt reply with this:

'where' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.
Error: Unable to find git in your path

enter image description here

check the cmd image you will see exactly the problem


Question answered by Mahesh J (source).

to run flutter from the command prompt on your windows system it requires three things

  1. path to the bin folder of downloaded flutter sdk I have downloaded and saved the sdk in my documents so for me path will be


  1. where.exe located at C:\Windows\System32

Note:you need to download git from here if you dont find path in step 3

  1. git-cmd.exe located in C:\Program Files\Git\git-cmd.exe

so to simply add these three paths to your environment variables go to system environment variables with variable name as Path

and value as

C:\Windows\System32;C:\Program Files\Git\git-cmd.exe;C:\Users\mahesh_2\Documents\flutter_windows_v0.11.9-beta\flutter\bin

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restart the command prompt and try running flutter and Voila! you should get something like this

enter image description here