A clean calendar widget with vertical scroll, locale, and range selection date.


Add scrollable_clean_calendar: 0.4.0 in your pubspec.yaml.


This calendar supports locales. To display the Calendar in desired language, use locale property. If you don't specify it, a default locale will be used.

Example locale: 'pt'


Name Required Type description
minDate true DateTime initial calendar date
maxDate true DateTime last calendar date
onRangeSelected false Function return two date selected
onTapDate false Function return the date selected
dayLabelStyle false Function Function to determine style day label
showDaysWeeks false bool if false not show day of week label
monthLabelStyle false TextStyle Style month label
dayWeekLabelStyle false TextStyle Style day week label
selectedDateColor false Color Color is selected date
rangeSelectedDateColor false Color Color range of date selected
selectDateRadius false double Apply radius when selected two dates
renderPostAndPreviousMonthDates false bool Show the dates of the first Month before the minDate and the dates of the last Month after the maxDate
disabledDateColor false Color Color of the disabled dates
initialDateSelected false DateTime First date that is already selected when the calendar Init
endDateSelected false DateTime Last date that is already selected when the calendar Init

Locale en


Locale pt