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Simple flutter calendar based on flutter_clean_calendar package. This package offers some extra functionality. It introduced a new NeatCleanCalendarEvent object, that gets used as the data component transfered the calendar widget as a parameter. So it is possible now to color the dots in the Calendartiles with a color corresponding to the event.

The event list below the calendar view is generated bei the package. Here the extra data of the NetCleanCalendarEvent objects again come into play.

The package is highly customizable.

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Embed the 'Calendar' widget in a column. Below the calendar (as the second widget in the Column) place a 'ListView.builder' widget for rendereing the list of events.

Set dependency

  flutter_neat_and_clean_calendar: ^0.2.0+8


flutter pub get

Import it

import 'package:flutter_neat_and_clean_calendar/flutter_neat_and_clean_calendar.dart';

Use it

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: SafeArea(
        child: Calendar(
          startOnMonday: true,
          weekDays: ['Mo', 'Di', 'Mi', 'Do', 'Fr', 'Sa', 'So'],
          events: _events,
          isExpandable: true,
          // dayBuilder: (BuildContext context, DateTime day) {
          //   return new Text("!");
          // },
          eventListBuilder: (BuildContext context,
              List<NeatCleanCalendarEvent> _selectesdEvents) {
            return new Text("!");
          eventColor: Colors.grey,
          locale: 'de_DE',
          todayButtonText: 'Heute',
          expandableDateFormat: 'EEEE, dd. MMMM yyyy',
          dayOfWeekStyle: TextStyle(
              color:, fontWeight: FontWeight.w800, fontSize: 11),

For more details see the example.


/// [onDateSelected] is of type [ValueChanged<DateTime>] and it containes the callback function
///     extecuted when tapping a date
/// [onMonthChanged] is of type [ValueChanged<DateTime>] and it containes the callback function
///     extecuted when changing to another month
/// [onExpandStateChanged] is of type [ValueChanged<bool>] and it contains a callback function
///     executed when the view changes to expanded or to condensed
/// [onRangeSelected] contains a callback function of type [ValueChanged], that gets called on changes
///     of the range (switch to next or previous week or month)
/// [onEventSelected] is of type [ValueChanged<NeatCleanCalendarEvent>] and it contains a callback function
///     executed when an event of the event list is selected
/// [isExpandable] is a [bool]. With this parameter you can control, if the view can expand from week view
///     to month view. Default is [false].
/// [dayBuilder] can contain a [Widget]. If this property is not null (!= null), this widget will get used to
///     render the calenar tiles (so you can customize the view)
/// [eventListBuilder] can optionally contain a [Widget] that gets used to render the event list
/// [hideArrows] is a bool. When set to [true] the arrows to navigate to the next or previous week/month in the
///     top bar well get suppressed. Default is [false].
/// [hideTodayIcon] is a bool. When set to [true] the dispaly of the Today-Icon (button to navigate to today) in the
///     top bar well get suppressed. Default is [false].
/// [hideBottomBar] at the moment has no function. Default is [false].
/// [events] are of type [Map<DateTime, List<NeatCleanCalendarEvent>>]. This data structure containes the events to display
/// [selctedColor] this is the color, applied to the circle on the selcted day
/// [todayColor] this is the color of the date of today
/// [todayButtonText] is a [String]. With this property you can set the caption of the today icon (button to navigate to today).
///     If left empty, the calendar will use the string "Today".
/// [eventColor] lets you optionally specify the color of the event (dot). If the [CleanCaendarEvents] property color is not set, the
///     calendar will use this parameter.
/// [eventDoneColor] with this property you can define the color of "done" events, that is events in the past.
/// [initialDate] is of type [DateTime]. It can contain an optional start date. This is the day, that gets initially selected
///     by the calendar. The default is to not set this parameter. Then the calendar uses []
/// [isExpanded] is a bool. If is us set to [true], the calendar gets rendered in month view.
/// [weekDays] contains a [List<String>] defining the names of the week days, so that it is possible to name them according
///     to your current locale.
/// [locale] is a [String]. This setting gets used to format dates according to the current locale.
/// [startOnMonday] is a [bool]. This parameter allows the calendar to determine the first day of the week.
/// [dayOfWeekStyle] is a [TextStyle] for styling the text of the weekday names in the top bar.
/// [bottomBarTextStyle] is a [TextStyle], that sets the style of the text in the bottom bar.
/// [bottomBarArrowColor] can set the [Color] of the arrow to expand/compress the calendar in the bottom bar.
/// [bottomBarColor] sets the [Color] of the bottom bar
/// [expandableDateFormat] defines the formatting of the date in the bottom bar
final ValueChanged<DateTime> onDateSelected;
final ValueChanged<DateTime> onMonthChanged;
final ValueChanged<bool> onExpandStateChanged;
final ValueChanged onRangeSelected;
final ValueChanged<NeatCleanCalendarEvent> onEventSelected;
final bool isExpandable;
final DayBuilder dayBuilder;
final EventListBuilder eventListBuilder;
final bool hideArrows;
final bool hideTodayIcon;
final Map<DateTime, List<NeatCleanCalendarEvent>> events;
final Color selectedColor;
final Color todayColor;
final String todayButtonText;
final Color eventColor;
final Color eventDoneColor;
final DateTime initialDate;
final bool isExpanded;
final List<String> weekDays;
final String locale;
final bool startOnMonday;
final bool hideBottomBar;
final TextStyle dayOfWeekStyle;
final TextStyle bottomBarTextStyle;
final Color bottomBarArrowColor;
final Color bottomBarColor;
final String expandableDateFormat;

Sample event data

The syntax of the event map changed due to the introduction of the 'NeatCleanCalendarEvent' class.

final Map<DateTime, List<NeatCleanCalendarEvent>> _events = {
    DateTime(,, [
      NeatCleanCalendarEvent('Event A',
          startTime: DateTime(,,
    , 10, 0),
          endTime: DateTime(,,
    , 12, 0),
          description: 'A special event',
    DateTime(,, + 2):
      NeatCleanCalendarEvent('Event B',
          startTime: DateTime(,,
     + 2, 10, 0),
          endTime: DateTime(,,
     + 2, 12, 0),
      NeatCleanCalendarEvent('Event C',
          startTime: DateTime(,,
     + 2, 14, 30),
          endTime: DateTime(,,
     + 2, 17, 0),


Basic wirget with customized colors

Some colors were cutomized in this example:

  eventColor: Colors.grey,


Expandable calendar view

  isExpandable: true;

Screenshot Screenshot

Custom day builder

  // A builder function that renders each calendar tile how you'd like.
  dayBuilder: (BuildContext context, DateTime day) {
      return new Text("!");


Custom event list builder

  // A builder function that renders the event list
  eventListBuilder: (BuildContext context,
      List<NeatCleanCalendarEvent> _selectesdEvents) {
    return new Text("!");