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TV Randshow - App to choose a random TV show episode

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About the project

TV Randshow was created to help choose a random episode from your favorites TV shows. The TV shows database comes from the TMDB and the app saves them in a database on the device. With the list of favorites, you can roll the dice of a TV show to get a random episode.

This project has been built using the Flutter framework, which allows to build an multiplatform app from a single codebase.


  • Save your favorites TV shows with available streamings links
  • Choose a random episode from a single TV show
  • Choose a random episode from all saved TV shows
  • Choose a random TV show from trending TMDB
  • Support to Android and Web
  • Export saved TV shows to json
  • Dark mode
  • Material Design 3
  • Support to deeplink
  • Roadmap in public Trello

Build and run


  1. Clone repository with 'git clone' command or just download the zip. git clone [email protected]:deandreamatias/tv-randshow.git
  2. Prepare your develop enviroment
    1. Flutter (see version in ./fvm/fvm_config.json). Use FVM to install Flutter versions
    2. When build to iOS, follow this steps
    3. When build to Android, follow this steps
    4. (Recommended) Just to use commands
  3. Install dependencies and generate code
    1. Only use just setup
    2. If don't have just, can do manual proccess
      1. Run flutter pub get from the project root (see using packages documentation for details and how to do this in the editor).
      2. Run flutter pub run build_runner build
  4. Get your API Key from TMDB (see this FAQ for more details) and paste in file lib/config/env.dart
  5. Get your APi Key from Streaming Availabilty (on RapidApi) and paste in file lib/config/env.dart
  6. (Optional) If you want build to web, do you need follow this steps


Run just run dev DEVICE_ID TMDB_API_KEY STREAMING_API_KEY command or copy the command from ./justfile


  • Integration tests (only mobile): run just integration-test TMDB_API_KEY STREAMING_API_KEY DEVICE_ID command or copy the command from ./justfile
  • Unit tests: run just unit-test TMDB_API_KEY STREAMING_API_KEY command or copy the command from ./justfile


  • Android APK: Run just run prod TMDB_API_KEY STREAMING_API_KEY command or copy the command from `./justfile

Replace screaming snake case with your values



If you want to take the time to make this project better, please read the contributing guides first. Then, you can open an new issue, of a pull request.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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