Client application for Invoice Ninja.

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Setting up the app

  • Initialize the config file

    cp lib/.env.dart.example lib/.env.dart

  • Support running the code unsigned on Android

    cp android/app/ android/app/build.gradle

  • Run the app

    flutter run

Note: if you don't have an Invoice Ninja backend setup you can test the app with these credentials:

Steps to remove non-FOSS code

cp android/build.gradle.foss android/build.gradle
cp lib/utils/oauth.dart.foss lib/utils/oauth.dart
cp lib/utils/app_review.dart.foss lib/utils/app_review.dart
cp lib/ui/app/upgrade_dialog.dart.foss lib/ui/app/upgrade_dialog.dart
cp lib/ui/app/pinput.dart.foss lib/ui/app/pinput.dart
cp android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.foss.xml android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml
cp pubspec.foss.yaml pubspec.yaml 
rm pubspec.lock

Application Architecture

The application was created using the Flutter Redux Starter.

The architecture is based off these two projects:

File Structure

A High-level overview of the project structure:

lib/ # Root Package | ├─ data/ # For data handling │ ├─ mock/ # sample used for testing │ ├─ models/ # Objects representing data │ ├─ repositories/ # Source of data | ├─ redux/ # manages app state │ ├─ component/ # app building block │ ├─ actions # methods to update app state | ├─ middleware # run in response to actions, execute before reducer | ├─ reducer # intercepts actions, responsible for updating the state | ├─ selectors # read data from the state, queries against your 'state database' | ├─ state # immutable object that lives at the top of the widget hierarchy | ├─ ui/ # app views │ ├─ component/ # views for different components │ ├─ view/ # generel view for component │ ├─ edit/ # change values on the views fields | ├─ utils/ # Utility classes

The ui and redux folders contain components that are paired together. Put simply you will find an 'auth' folder in both the ui and redux folders.

For additional information on Redux architecture

Blog Posts

Code generation

  • Run flutter packages pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs to regenerate the model files. It will also remove the old generated files so conflicts are avoided..


  • Run flutter drive --target=test_driver/all_it.dart to run the tests



We gladly accept contributions! If you'd like to get involved with development please join our Slack group or Discord Server.