Open Flutter Project E-commerce App is mobile application for e-commerce. We are building a commercially valuable product as an open-source project to make mobile technology accessible for small and medium businesses.

The code Improvement Challenge

Open Flutter Project: The Code Improvement Challenge

The idea behind the competition is to improve your Flutter development skills within a set period in a group of other enthusiasts. The challenge will last for a week when everyone can propose a code improvement for the app we build and submit it with a pull request.


  1. Widgets. We have quite a few widgets to developed already that can be improved. The is an Easter Egg right in the article with a widget description. What you can do is optimize current widgets and their usage.

  2. Bloc improvements. Things connected to events, states and Bloc can be revised as well. Read more on that in Flutter Bloc.

  3. Flutter clean architecture implementation and improvements. You can do in this part updates for data or domain part of the app. You can find more info about Flutter’s clean architecture here.

...any other propositions on code or architecture improvements.

Getting Started

E-commerce Mobile Application build in Flutter.

How to contribute to E-commerce App

Mobile App UI/UX

Use-cases description

E-commerce App Roadmap

A short guide how to start contributing to Open Flutter Project

E-commerce Widget Library Description

7 reasons for a developers to contribute to open-source projects

Functionality description and discussion

Product Categories in E-commerce App

Product list and hashtags in E-commerce App

Product filters in E-commerce App

Product details in E-commerce App

Product Reviews in E-commerce App

Product Cart and Checkout in E-commerce App

Product details in E-commerce App

User Profile in E-commerce App

E-commerce App Mobile App Local Database Structure


To run tests use command below:

flutter run -t test/tests.dart


To check the code quality with Flutter Analyzer (recommended when you want to add something) please run in console:

flutter analyze

It should give no errors message:

Analyzing openflutterecommerceapp...
No issues found! (ran in 3.5s)

IDE settings

You need to update the configuration of your IDE to tell the location of the entry point.

The example for VS Code is below:

 "configurations": [
        "name": "Flutter",
        "request": "launch",
        "program": "lib/main.dart",
        "type": "dart"