The repository is not supported anymore and there won't be any updates.

Clone of Flappy Bird game written on Flutter.

an example


This is silly attempt to learn the new mobile framework.

If you remember, there was a game called Flappy Bird. At that time it was a best time killer app. I was a fan back in days. Anyway, it is not a full clone of the game. It's just repeating some basic mechanics and graphics.

The game has built on Flutter and Flame game engine.

I haven't tried many features from standart library like Streams or even Net stack. So, I can't fully compare an experience with other languages and frameworks. Anyway, I'm looking forward to use more features in my next apps!


  • Dart. I didn't expect that Dart language is so easy to learn. The team did a good job for designing language. It feels like something in the middle between C# and Java, at least for me. I'm sure many others will find similarities with major languages like C-family in general, Javascript or Python. Keep in mind, it's not a coincidence. I bet, it was decided on purpose for making switch from one language to another as easy as possible. Again, good job.

  • Hot Reload! It's been the main feature for selling me that framework. I have to mention that I came from Xamarin background and in this universe it's a major issue. It could take 3 - 4 min after changing some color in xamarin app. You can't be productive in these circumstances. I know, Xamarin guys have made a lot of impowements, especially Xamarin.Android team. Thank you for that.

  • CLI. I have been using VSCode for Flutter and I have to admit, using CLI for interacting with the framework was a pleasure. You clearly see what you're doing and what to expect.

  • UI. Many devs already said it and I'll repeat, working with UI in Flutter is awesome! You don't lean on Web based rendering (Hybrid platforms) and don't have a mess with native rendering (Xamarin, React.Native). You have just your own rendering stack, from UI elements to low-level GPU render. It this case it's very fast compare to hybrid platforms and you don't have any direct dependencies on platform SDKs and APIs (for rendering UI).


I can't find any big issues with this framework... It's solid, has a great community and growing faster then others. Maybe one thing. Like I said, I haven't touch many parts of framework but, as far as I know, there is some issues with interop to native APIs. But I'm sure community will find out some cure for that.

PS: It's my first "game", so, don't judge me. I've made a lot of mistakes in architecture and code.