What is Dart? The language behind Flutter

Dart is a structured, scalable programming language, part of the Dart platform. It was developed by Google and is open source, and its functionality is designed to aid in making web applications and services.

Dart can be used in a web browser; however, most developers use editors and web servers in the development of web and standalone applications and services. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended in order to use this program. A basic knowledge of JavaScript is also beneficial, as Dart can interact with JavaScript readily.

Dart was built from the ground up to be easy to quickly write reliable web programs that run in any browser. It is not just an incremental improvement to JavaScript - it fixes many of the problems in JavaScript, so you don’t have to. Dart is widely used for building apps that are easy to use and require less work to set up.

A good starting point to your dart journey is over at https://dart.dev/.

2 years ago