Google releases Flutter 2.8 - here are all the new things that you need know about!

Google has released the newest version of Flutter, 2.8 with some exciting new features and bug fixes. This release represents the hard work of 207 contributors and 178 reviewers, producing 2,424 PRs merged and 2976 issues closed.

There were significant performance improvements in both engine and Flutter DevTools, a stable release of the Google Mobile Ads SDK for developers who use this platform; there's also new features coming out with Firebase like improved Suggested Results ads experiences on iOS or Android which will make your life easier as an app designer! Alongside these developments come updates related desktop releases going forward towards what should be their final form — a very promising future indeed.

The main focus areas for this release are:

  • Performance
  • Startup time
  • Memory handling and improvements
  • Better profiling tools
  • Flutter DevTools improvements
  • Web platform views and WebView 3.0
  • Google Ads for Flutter
  • Firebase UI + Dart-only Firebase Initialization
  • Firestore Object/Document Mapping

More info:

You can download this release directly from our Flutter 2.8 release section.

2 years ago